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'Go Figure'

A Gallery. 154 Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon, SW19 3PZ, + 44 (0)208 5408296. Londres. Del 23 de mayo al 27 de julio de2008.

An exhibition of 8 of the hottest figurative art stars.

23rd May - 27th July, Open Monday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
Private View (Live music, artists here): 22nd May 6 - 9 pm. STRICTLY RSVP to

The artists:

- Diarmuid Byron O'Connor
These works by Diarmuid Byron O'Connor are very very special; they are hard heavy solid bronze, but they have such incredible balance that they seem to defy gravity. In sculpture the balance of a work is its most important feature, but these works take that to a new level - you take this very heavy solid bronze work of art and place it on a flat surface and it stands there, balancing on its tip toes!

Previous commissions

Tinkerbell at Great Ormond Street unveiled by Her Royal Highness Sophie, Countess of Wessex on September 2005
Peter Pan at Great Ormond Street Hospital
12 smaller Peter Pans for Great Ormond Street to auction
International TV awards
British independent film award to Mike Figgis
Charity writing, golf and shooting trophies
Commemorative medal for St Simons, Putney

Recent Exhibitions

X mas art, A Gallery
Beautiful things, A Gallery
McHardy Sculpture Company, Tower Bridge
Escape gallery, Herne Hill
A Gallery, Wimbledon
Framers gallery, Wimbledon
For the Wall gallery, Wimbledon
One man show, Simmons Gallery, Bloomsbury
Moravian burial Ground, Chelsea
Whitleys, Bayswater
Shopping Centre, Elephant and Castle

Television and film

Co-Presented Crafty Tricks of War, BBC 2
Research, design and build WW1 Trench complex for BBC "The Trench" and exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.
Art Direction for BBC, Discovery Channel, and independent film companies

Other Art related work

Design, build and now Creative Director of ESCAPE (art Gallery), Herne Hill, London

Employment and education

91-94 Chelsea School of Art, BA Hons Fine Art, (Sculpture)
88-91 Craft Animateur for York City Council and Yorkshire Arts Board
86-88. Community Artist for Bristol City council and SW Arts Board

To find out more about Diarmuid's works or to try one at home with no obligation email now!

- Beth Carter
Artists Statement: My work creates a rich allegorical world by integrating the human figure with animal form. I work within the realm of a sculptural tradition where the symbolic use of animal imagery has been a continuously potent source, I seek a new level of inquiry into these timeless themes, and in this sense my work is flavoured by a mythological and classical aesthetic

Quote: 'Beth is inspired by myths and classical legend, her figurative sculpture embodies a mixture of zoomorphic and human form; juxtaposing basic animal instinct's with that of human everydayness, giving her work a soulfullness that is truly unique.'
Leonie Nanassy – Curator

1992-95 Fine Art BA (Hons) Sunderland University
1993-94 Placement at the Cyprus College of Art
1991-92 Academy of Fine Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

Main Exhibitions
2005 Solo show Badcocks Gallery.Newlyn Cornwall.UK
2005 Henley Festival(Barn Galleries)UK
2005 Quennington ‘Fresh Air’ Cirencester.UK
2004/5 Plus one Plus Two Galleries,(+Art London) London
2004 Olympia Artfair, London
2004/5 Will’s Art Warehouse, (London, Glasgow, Bristol )

Awards + Travel
2000 Individual Artist Award (to produce new body of work) S W Arts.Uk
1997 Travel in Sri Lanka and India to Study devotional/mythological Sculpture.
1996 Northern Arts Travel Award to Crete.

2003 Private commission for life sized bronze figure, Manchester.

I have undertaken numerous other sculpture commissions.
International Sculpture Symposium,’ Granite Wood and Bronze’ at The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeen.
I have worked on numerous national environmental Art projects including with Womad festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance) in Las Palmas, Sicily and UK.

Beth's sculptures have been used as the advertising images for the Affordable Art Fair many times meaning they have been seen by tens of millions of people.

A Gallery is very very proud to display the works of the extreemly important artists DORMICE. Their works are to be found in the most important collections in Italy and across the world (for example their work has been bought by Leonardo DiCaprio) and being resold at famous auction houses such as Christie's for ever increasing prices. The head of the Versace fashion house calls them up to do Art Directing for them or Roberto Cavalli sends them clothes for their models. This is the life of DORMICE!

We have just added some new available works to this page. The day after we added them one sold and then another the next day and now we have got them an article in i-D! So please, if you like these works let me know straight away at:


"We don’t want to defend ourselves against any risk - in fact, we’re looking for collective risk.
Art is a spiritual experience, an apparition.
It has led us to work together, anything else is unthinkable for us."

DORMICE is a pair of artists artists: Heinrich Nicolaus and Sawan Yawnghwe, from Europe and Asia.

From DORMICEs manifesto:


Every coloured space and every line that is painted on the empty canvas tightens the possible decisions, and as more as the composition grows, the less possibilities to interact with the painting remain. This is more or less the core of the traditional academic way of dealing with the composition of a painting.

Whoever wants to make a painting that works, seems having to follow these rules.

Today it is necessary to ignore those rules. Breaking rules demands BALANCE. If you want to break the rules, you have to deal with everything and with nothing. Nothing is the moment that does not exist, when the painters applies colour on the canvas. In this moment the only thing that exists is the emptiness.

Emptiness is everything based on the present, on the here and now. We don't look back and they don't look in the future, because we are just here, like animals, living the moment.

The strategy of Painting is the composition. We deal with it like musicians: there is a melody, a rhythm and an atmosphere, all put together makes the "glow", the secret of a painting.

Painting together means respect, discipline and awareness.

It makes you responsible the interconnection between yourself and the other.

DORMICE Biography:

Dormice are Heinrich Nicolaus, born 1955 in Munich and Sawan Yawnghwe, born 1971 in Burma

Dormice live and work in Tuscany

Selected Exhibitions

2006 Chinese boxes, curated by Luca Beatrice, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria (solo)

2005 Dormiceland, Stragapede & Perini Art Gallery, Spazio Fitzcarraldo, Milan, Italy (solo)

2005 I Mestieri di Érgon, curated by Gabriele Perretta, Palazzo M, Latina, Italy

2003 L'Ossimoro della pittura, curated by Dematrio Paparoni, Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, Florence, Italy (solo)

2003 Dormice® lab: Fashion week. Special guest, curated by Garça Cabral, San Paolo, Brasil (solo)

2003 Melting pop, Palazzo delle Papesse, curated by Gianluca Marziani, Siena, Italy

2003 La pittura come concetto, curated by Luca Beatrice, Palazzo Ducale, Massa, Italy

2002 Dormice® lab, curated by Alessandra Galletta, Galleria Antonio Colombo, Milan, Italy (solo)

2002 Yes, Galleria Ernst Hilger, Paris, France

2002 Object trove’ Galleria Ernst Hilger Vienna, Austria

2002 Exit, curated by Francesco Bonami, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy

2002 Object trove’, Galleria Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria

2001 Dormice® Trip media, Galleria Carini, Rimini, Italy (solo)

2001 Let’s be serius, Galleria Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy (solo)

2001 Le tribu’ dell’arte, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Galleria comunale d’arte Moderna e contemporanea, Rome, Italy

2000 Dormice® Department of Research, curated by Gabriele Perretta, Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, Siena, Italy (solo)

2000 The Kick, curated by Sergio Risaliti, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, Italy (solo)

2000 Dormice® Secrets, curated by Gabriele Perretta, Galleria Carini, Rimini, Italy (solo)

2000 A L’ordre du jour, curated by Lorand Hegyi, Grand Palais Paris, France

1999 Dormice® Presents: The art game, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria (solo)

1999 Beuys sex laws, Third avenue Gallery Vancouver, Canada (solo)

- Carmen Giraldez
Carmen Giraldez was born on June 26 th, 1976 in Barcelona, Spain.


1996, A.A.O.A. (Applied Hardworking arts and Artistic Offices)) Llotja,

2002, Licensed in Fine arts for the Barcelona University.
Pupil - assistant of the sculptor and draftsman Marsaginer (Tarragona).


2004 -Académia de Ciéncies Médiques de Catalunya i Balears, (Barcelona-

-" Leather refuge " Dasto Art Gallery , (Oviedo- Spain).

-" Heroes y Antiheroes ", Mirando al Mar Art Gallery, Águilas (Murcia-


2000- Honouring prize International Prize of Painting Jaurena Art in
university category, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

- 1th prize of painting in the International Contest of the Biennial IIIrd
of the Basketball in the Arts of the Foundation Pedro Ferrándiz,
Alcobendas (Madrid).

2003 - Second prize in the Contest Laboratories Menarini of Painting,
Badalona (Barcelona).

2004- 1 th Prize of Sculpture, in team with Fran Recacha,in the IV
Biennial of the Basketball in the Arts of the Foundation Pedro Ferrándiz,
Alcobendas (Madrid).

-Honor's mention of the juror of painting, The Biennial IVth of the
Basketball in the Arts of the Foundation Pedro Ferrándiz, Alcobendas

-Award acquisition of work, THE BIENNIAL IIIrd OF THE REALISM AND
FIGURATIVE ART- Clave Art Gallery, (Murcia).

2006 - selected in 1th Contest of Figurative Painting of The Foundation de
les Arts i els Artistes, Barcelona.

Collections with Carmen Giraldez's pictures:
- Foundation Vila Casas, Palafrugell (Girona).
- Clave Art gallery (Murcia)
- Badalona's town hall (Barcelona).
- Cerdanyola's town hall (Barcelona).
- Foundation Pedro Ferrándiz, Alcobendas (Madrid).
- Foundation Marc-Martí (Barcelona).
-Vertisub S.L., (Ripollet).
- Constructions Sastre S.L. (Barcelona)
- Collection of portraits of the Académia de Ciéncies Médiques de
Catalunya i of Balears, (Barcelona).


The human being is the center of my work, and although at times I make
incursions into other areas, I always return to painting human beings.
Essentially, what has fascinated me for many years about men and women
are their passions, all those imperfections and virtues that
characterize them and make them as beautiful as they are fearsome.
Often all the passions are contained in one person.
The virtues of people frequently attract us though it is their defects,
of course, that make them really striking. On the other hand, it is the
union of both, and particularly at their extremes – great virtues and
great defects – that make people intense. Feelings that range from
innocence to perversion are a marvellous subject to be studied from the
point of view of aesthetics. Thus, far from falling into moralizing and
sentimentality, I look hard into the deepest characteristics that a
person develops over the course of his or her life, characteristics that
I have been finding all around me. I aim to reflect these in a
symbolic and psychological way, though in a form which is sometimes
I am not especially concerned that the viewer comes to understand all
the content of each painting; mystery has to be part of the piece.
Moreover, the different layers of meaning that enrich it may be better
understood with the passage of time. Perhaps they actually introduce
the viewer to a second or third look.
Even so one musn’t forget that a picture is, above all, an aesthetic
work and as such it must operate. Therefore if it fills the spirit of
the observer with sensations but doesn’t fill his or her mind with
meanings, for me that is sufficient. A good piece of art doesn’t need
an explanation in words, it explains itself. The important thing is
that upon seeing it, the viewer experiences an intensity of feelings
and can take home something that will last and reveal even more of
itself over time.

- Paul Normansell



The foundation of my work originates from the relationship between Art and Music. I wanted to try and create a link between colour, shape and sound. My abstract paintings are based on colour studies exploring how colours can stimulate feelings, emotions within a person, and the different meanings each colour has, and its power to evoke a certain response from the viewer.

From experimenting with colour my paintings became more illusional. I tried to create the illusion of movement, stimulating the eye into seeing things which may or may not be there, almost like a magic-eye image. Each painting is individual, painted in gloss onto aluminium or board. Each dot of paint is painted freehand using a brush. I use gloss paint and aluminium because of there reflective qualities and find it helps to enhance the optical effect of my work.

The natural progression of my work led me to incorporate images within the dots. I then began to experiment with imagery and to create dot portraits. I wanted to paint famous icons known for their beauty. The images I use are taken from magazines that portray perfect/flawless images of models. This helps me to create a perfect likeness and because of the perfect and plastic like finish of gloss and the meticulous execution, the paintings are almost doll like in appearance, the same way the media create an image of the icon. All flaws are dicarded the skin is perfect. The images also work on an optical level. As you look at the image directly the variety and definition of colour and tone is lost and the portrait almost becomes a silouette. It's only when you stand off centre the image comes alive and the portrait appears.

Following this I became interested in fashion images and began to focus on certain areas of the figure. Through exploring the optical aspect of the portrait I wanted to focus more on colour again. The figurative works have a pop art influence with vibrant colours and stylistic approach. Parts of the figure are still painted in dots, this is to enhance certain areas, usually the make-up and jewellery. This helps to create a balance between flat painted areas and raised areas throughout the composition.


Paul is a very big seller in Birmingham, shows regularly in a Bond St gallery in Central London, has exhibited at many art fairs and since 2000 with A Gallery who has sold his work among others to the Radio 1 d.j. Pete Tong.

To find out more about Paul's works or to commission him to your requirements or to try one of these works at home with no obligation email now!

Here is a recent article on Paul Normansell: ... e_dotty_for_kate_moss.php

- Thomas Ostenberg
Achieving a sense of "rightness", even in the most uncertain circumstances, is the motivating concept behind my sculpture. The work is figurative but is not about the figure. I consider myself an expressionist, as I am more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea than an actual image. I use recognisable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations.

Discovery, movement, balance, harmony and security are recurring themes. Understanding one's truest desires and choosing to pursue them is a common thread. But those viewing my sculpture will create their own narrative based on their personal experience and imagination. I aim to establish the mood and atmosphere that allows this to take place.

In contemporary society, self-awareness and self-satisfaction have become almost an obsession. The aggressive pursuit of money and material well-being has been the socially accepted standard defining success. But with an accompanying sense of purposelessness, and the deterioration of the quality of life for many, an increasing number of people are searching for a more spiritual definition of achievement and a deeper meaning to life.

My work deals with the journey of attaining this greater sense of equilibrium. I touch on the moment of stepping into the unknown and doing so willingly. Based on personal experience, I am convinced that one's mental approach to life determines one's outcome. A change in viewpoint can transform even a desperate situation into one full of opportunity. I worked in the field of international finance for fifteen years, but abandoned that life to become an artist. As a result, my work is largely autobiographical. It derives its sources from moments of significant and radical change, brought about not by any modification in material circumstances, but by a simple change in thought and the way circumstances are perceived.

There is much debate in the art world as to what constitutes valid or high art. Often the egos involved determine the tone of the debate. Irony, cleverness and negativity are promoted as being profound, intelligent and realistic. In most cases the dialogue is inward looking, engaging only an elite group that considers the general public as too naive to understand the important nuances at issue. I find this overly critical debate irrelevant. I am interested in the individual, general observer and want to communicate with him. As an artist, I feel it is essential to try to bring a sense of joy to those who view my work by making what I hope are beautiful objects. In this way the work may contribute to improving someone's existence, even if only fleetingly.

1997 MA Royal College of Art, London. Sculpture.
1994 BFA Kansas City Art Institute. Sculpture & Painting.
1992 New York Studio School, New York, NY.
1975 MBA Stanford University, Stanford, California. Finance.
1971 BA Principia College, Elsah, Illinois. Languages

Work Experience:
1986-1990 International Financial Consultant, New York, Brazil, Spain.
1975-1986 Citibank, Vice President, Corporate Banking, Brazil, Spain.

Solo Exhibitions:
Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee
Theo Waddington Fine Art, London
Theo Waddington Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
Waddington & Tribby Fine Arts, Boca Raton, Florida
Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico,
Waddington & Tribby Fine Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida
Waddington & Tribby Fine Arts, Boca Raton, Florida
Thomas Ingerick Gallery, Aspen, Colorado.
Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee.
Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Kansas City Art Institute. "Solo Exhibition of Sculpture & Painting".

Awards and Grants:
Selected to represent the UK at Fabriqu'art , an artistic program supported by the European Union.
Selected to inaugurate ArtisTree Art Center, Hutchinson, Kansas.
Battersea Park Annual Sculpture Award, London.
Royal Society Of British Sculptors membership bursary.
Wybo Haas Award for Young British Sculptors, Finalist.
The Rayne Foundation Grant, London.
Henry Moore Foundation Grant, London.
Worshipful Brotherhood of Founder's Grant, London.

2002 Stanford University GSB Magazine, February. Shifting Gears.
Art & Antiques Magazine, December. Thomas Ostenberg, Emerging Artist.
Sculpture Magazine, April. Reviews: Memphis, Thomas Ostenberg.
2000 ARTNews Magazine, April. National Reviews, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
1997 Evening Standard (London), May, 28. "Not Your Common"

Other info:
Was commissioned for three over 3 m high bronzes by one of the Directors of The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco

In 2004 the assistant director of the Guggenheim Museum in New York wrote a glowing essay on Thomas. This essay is available on request. For the essay, further information on Thomas or to try a work at home with no obligation email now!

- Gay Ribisi

Gay Ribisi started her career as a conceptual artist in the early 70’s and developed through non-functional ceramics, painting, video art, into fine art photography. Having received her masters degree in fine arts from UC Berkeley, Gay began showing her work in galleries and has been in numerous group shows in the bay area and Southern California, including the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Worth Ryder Art Gallery and the Everett Gee Jackson gallery. At the start of her art career, Gay revived a dated technique in ceramics, which gained recognition in an art show held in conjunction with the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. With over 10,000 entries from all over the world, Gay won a bronze medal for her submission. Gay’s passion for art has continued through the years, touching on different mediums and combining older influences with modern techniques, embracing modern technology and the digital movement. The course of her career includes the production of two feature films and a documentary about homeless artists living on the streets of LA. It was in her period of painting portraits, that she questioned the medium’s representation of her subjects and become more interested in the story telling aspect of her art. She found and befriended various homeless artists and musicians and created video portrayals of their lives.


Concurrently, Gay broadened her studies in photography and made the switch to still pictures as her main form of artistic expression. She experimented by encasing her photographic prints in resin blocks and discovered that the subject looked as though they were under water. This gave birth to the idea of shooting people in real life situations, using weights and waterproofing props, under water in a swimming pool… negating the background using black tarp, creating the illusion of weightlessness. Observing hair, clothes and jewelry, moving in a way that defies gravity, along with countless hours of retouching and painting in photoshop. Gay had before her a completed series called “wet”. The exhibition was held at Gallery Saint Germain in West Hollywood, summer of 2005. The collection consists of typical scenes like a woman vacuuming, or a girl watering her plant, to a series of girl fights, etc. a surreal imitation of life emerges from the images, in which the viewer wonders how it is all happening. “Wendy”, the artist’s personal favorite, was the first image of the series that gave the graceful sense of floating in space. “Head above water” was photographed later on commission and was selected to exhibit along with 26 other artists in Soho, at the Westwood gallery in New York City, for art on human rights.

- Charles Thomson

Moved from a house in Finchley by a stream to Shoreditch and back. Ex-wives include Stella Vine.

1953 Born, Romford, Essex
1964-70 Brentwood School, Essex in same class as Douglas 'Hitchhiker' Adams
1969 Founded Havering Arts Lab for Performance Art ("Sex Orgy Tale - Group Banned", Havering Express)
1971 Stood for Havering Council as Dwarf Candidate (22 votes)
1970-72 'Betterwear' door to door brush salesman. Self-employed 'underground' magazine distributor (including Schoolkids OZ)
1973-79 Thurrock Technical College, Foundation Art. Maidstone College of Art, FFIAD (First Fail in a Decade)
1979 Member of the Medway Poets
1979-87 Part-time telephonist/receptionist, Kent County Ophthalmic and Aural Hospital
1987-99 Full-time poet. 2000 poems and work in 100 anthologies. Performed in 700 schools
1979 Resumed paintingafter fifteen-year abstinence
1999- Full-time artist
1999 Conceived of, then co-founded The Stuckists with Billy Childish
2001 Stuckist General Election candidate. Second marriage, in New York, to Stella Vine, lasted two months. Reported Charles Saatchi to the Office of Fair Trading
2002-05 Director Stuckism International Gallery, Shoreditch
2004 Featured artist and co-curator, The Stuckists Punk Victorian, Walker Art Gallery, for the Liverpool Biennial
2005 Campaigned against the Tate's purchase of trustee work, which led to a Charity Commission censure
2006 Go West show, Spectrum London

Spent most of the last eight years promoting Stuckism, organising anti-Turner Prize clown protests and being accosted by Sir Nicholas Serota in Trafalgar Square. Has studied Kabbalah and astrology for thirty years. Practices past life therapy. National poetry prizewinner. First commercial artwork at the age of five - sold a drawing of his teddy bear to granddad for a penny. Arrested in 1972 for protesting against pollution in Oxford Street. Has a son fanatical about motor racing.

Working method

"I see my artistic influences from Japanese woodblock prints, Impressionism, Van Gogh and German Expressionism. I don't like Pop Art on the whole, because I find it uses the 'cartoon' style in a mechanical soul-less fashion. I depict what I experience as honestly as I can. This generates subject matter and style. I do line drawings spontaneously and uncorrected with a black wax crayon in a sketchbook. Then I choose one, blow it up on the canvas and paint the black line in acrylic. The colour is oil paint (Old Holland) and nearly always remains the first colour I paint in - though it can take an hour to mix it. I feel what the colour should be. The final image is a synthesis of material, emotional and spiritual experience.

Example of ideas behind work:

"I Feel Bad When I Reject Your Love" painting

"Based on something a (now ex) girlfriend said to me. I thought it was a negative picture, but then I realised it was positive because it's a reconciliation after self-knowledge. It's also ambiguous as to who's speaking. Most of my paintings are based on experiences with people I know, usually on a drawing from life, but in this case from a photo I took of her. She can't really complain because she exhibits paintings of my willy.


"Charles Thomson's works manage to reach some sort of 'collective archetypal storage' and pull stuff out in the air, stuff that has something strong to say to anyone who takes the time to peruse a painting." - Odysseus Yakoumakis

"There is an emotional charge present throughout your work. Your still life paintings always suggest human relationships. Many of your paintings of women have a complexity or at least you suggest this." - Peter McArdle

Font: A Gallery

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